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La Tigra, Honduras (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of La Tigra, Honduras

Map of La Tigra, Honduras

Green Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus hondurensis) Slate-colored Solitaire (Myadestes unicolor)

La Tigra is the oldest national park in Honduras. The park looks a lot larger than it actually is if you believe the maps. The "buffer zone" section of the park seems to be entirely clear cut agriculture, however.


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2/10/2009: We got an early start to Tegucigalpa with the intention of catching a bus that goes to the nearby Parque National La Tigra. As seemed to be the ongoing theme of Honduras, however, our bus broke down on the highway, so we missed the direct bus to La Tigra.

Instead, we had to take a series of buses and also walk for several hours uphill. I would recommend trying to get a taxi in the event that the direct bus has left. When we finally got to the park, it was cold and windy. We did not see many birds during that afternoon nor in the next morning, and to avoid a repeat of the bus issues, we were forced to leave the park by 8:30 AM.

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