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If you got to this page due to your own honest mistake, please click the back button, and try your form entry again but without the html characters. You need not read any further.

On the other hand, some of you might be trying to hack into my site maybe to steal email addresses or credit card numbers. If you are such a hacker, I have a challenge for you.

You see, I think that my code is rock solid secure. I am so confident, in fact, that if you still think you can steal the credit card numbers from the site, I will pay you $1000 (US. Dollars) for the information on how you did it.

If you fail on that regard, I will pay you $50 for steps to reproduce any other security holes. (security hole is defined as retrieving private information, I am not going to pay you for discovering bugs, only security issues)

Payment will be made via Paypal or other method so long as I can reproduce the problem on my end.

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