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Mission Bay - Lacey Creek, Australia (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Mission Bay - Lacey Creek, Australia

Map of Mission Bay - Lacey Creek, Australia

Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius)

A small rainforest park.


Eastern Australia

11/17/2012: We headed down to Mission Beach to make our last-ditch attempt at seeing a cassowary. The lady at our hotel thought that Lacey Creek might be a good spot, but I am not sure if it is any better for finding them or because if has a bunch of informational signage about the cassowary and what it likes to eat.

I had spent a couple of hours here before sunset the previous night walking around in circles on the short nature trail with no luck in finding a cassowary. Now, I found myself here at sunrise of the day I would be leaving Queensland for Sydney.

After walking around the trail a couple more times, I pretty much gave up and went over to look at all the information about the cassowary. For instance, the cassowary has a wicked claw that it can use to tear out your throat if it gets upset. Oh, and they can get up to about six feet high.

Anyway, I finally gave up for good on finding the bird, but as I turned around to go back to the car, there was nothing other than a cassowary on the footpath walking straight toward me! Not wanting to lose all my blood, I stopped in my tracks. The cassowary walked right up to me. It wasn't quite six feet tall but rather a younger bird about three feet tall. The cassowary gave me a "look" then made some gurgling sound and walked away.

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Species Recorded (6)

Birds ( 5 )

Honeyeaters ( Meliphagidae )
Yellow-spotted Honeyeater - Meliphaga notata

( Casuariidae )
Southern Cassowary - Casuarius casuarius

( Megapodiidae )
Orange-footed Scrubfowl - Megapodius reinwardt

( Aegothelidae )
Australian Owlet-Nightjar - Aegotheles cristatus

Starlings and Mynas ( Sturnidae )
Metallic Starling - Aplonis metallica




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