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Mamu Canopy Walkway, Australia (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Mamu Canopy Walkway, Australia

Map of Mamu Canopy Walkway, Australia

Yellow-spotted Honeyeater (Meliphaga notata) Large-billed Gerygone (Gerygone magnirostris)

A canopy platform near Cairns.


Eastern Australia

11/16/2012: This was going to be our last full day in Queensland, and we headed toward the coast. On the way to the coast, we came across a canopy platform allowing one to walk around near the treetops.

Unfortunately for the canopy people, a couple of tropical storms rolled through and knocked down half of their rainforest. But, the trees are growing back, and there are still several impressive trees in there.

There is also a tower that you can climb, but I was more wrecked by the heights of that very wobbly tower than I have been just about anywhere else.

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Species Recorded (5)

Birds ( 5 )

Honeyeaters ( Meliphagidae )
Yellow-spotted Honeyeater - Meliphaga notata
Dusky Myzomela - Myzomela obscura

Rollers ( Coraciidae )
Dollarbird - Eurystomus orientalis

Jays and Crows ( Corvidae )
Rufous Shrikethrush - Colluricincla rufogaster

( Pardalotidae )
Large-billed Gerygone - Gerygone magnirostris




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