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Mount Lewis, Australia (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Mount Lewis, Australia

Map of Mount Lewis, Australia

Deafening Cicada
Dusky Myzomela (Myzomela obscura) Gray-headed Robin (Heteromyias cinereifrons) Brown Cuckoo-Dove (Macropygia phasianella) Rufous Shrike-thrush (Colluricincla megarhyncha) Gray Fantail (Rhipidura albiscapa) White-cheeked Honeyeater (Phylidonyris niger)
Tooth-billed Catbird (Scenopoeetes dentirostris) Little Black Cormorant (Phalacrocorax sulcirostris) Eastern Spinebill (Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris) Dollarbird (Eurystomus orientalis) Scarlet Myzomela (Myzomela sanguinolenta)

Cloud Forest area near Cairns.


Eastern Australia

11/9/2012: We spent the day scuba diving at the Opal Reef the previous day (review on scuba in that location 4 out of 5 stars), and I was ready to get back into the forest to do some hiking.

Our plan was to visit Mount Lewis, and amazingly, the GPS unit in the rental car had a listing for "Mount Lewis Forest Park". Unfortunately, the road that the GPS suggested was one of the worst roads that I have ever seen. We drove up the drier west slope of the mountain, and while the scenery and forest there were quite nice, it was not that much different than the Davies Creek National Park that we had visited a few days earlier (with an easy road to get there). One really cool thing about this area was a spot where a bunch of cicadas were really shrieking. It sounded like we were standing next to one of those multi-prop airplanes... quite deafening!

Eventually we arrived at a creek and a dead end. The creek was great for some swimming, and we stayed for awhile, but what we really wanted to see was the cloud forest. We did not see any signs or way to get into this area, but on the way back to our hotel in Daintree, it was decided to try some random roads into the hills. At first, our attempts were fruitless, but just as we considered giving up, I noticed a street name that looked promising, and we headed up a road into the mountains.

We followed the road for a few miles at which point we found a footpath into the forest. Following this footpath was one of the highlights of the trip. The dense forest in this area seemed very pristine, and the call of birds surrounded us. We walked around on the paths until it was nearly dark. Not sure how far the trail went, but we only explored a small part of the trail system in this area.

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Species Recorded (31)

Birds ( 30 )

Honeyeaters ( Meliphagidae )
Eastern Spinebill - Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris
Bridled Honeyeater - Bolemoreus frenatus
Lewin's Honeyeater - Meliphaga lewinii
Dusky Myzomela - Myzomela obscura
Scarlet Myzomela - Myzomela sanguinolenta
Noisy Friarbird - Philemon corniculatus
White-cheeked Honeyeater - Phylidonyris niger

Scrubwrens ( Acanithizidae )
Mountain Thornbill - Acanthiza katherina
Atherton Scrubwren - Sericornis keri

( Megapodiidae )
Australian Brush-turkey - Alectura lathami

Cormorants ( Phalacrocoracidae )
Little Black Cormorant - Phalacrocorax sulcirostris

Herons ( Ardeidae )
Plumed Egret - Ardea plumifera

Pigeons and Doves ( Columbidae )
Topknot Pigeon - Lopholaimus antarcticus
Brown Cuckoo-Dove - Macropygia phasianella

( Dacelonidae )
Laughing Kookaburra - Dacelo novaeguineae

Sunbirds ( Nectariniidae )
Mistletoebird - Dicaeum hirundinaceum

Rollers ( Coraciidae )
Dollarbird - Eurystomus orientalis

Cuckoo-shrike ( Campephagidae )
White-bellied Cuckooshrike - Coracina papuensis

Jays and Crows ( Corvidae )
White-breasted Woodswallow - Artamus leucorynchus
Bower's Shrike-thrush - Colluricincla boweri
Rufous Shrikethrush - Colluricincla rufogaster
Victoria's Riflebird - Ptiloris victoriae
Pied Currawong - Strepera graculina

Fantails ( Rhipiduridae )
Gray Fantail - Rhipidura albiscapa

( Climacteridae )
White-throated Treecreeper - Cormobates leucophaea

( Ptilonorhynchidae )
Spotted Catbird - Ailuroedus maculosus
Tooth-billed Catbird - Scenopoeetes dentirostris

( Pardalotidae )
Yellow-throated Scrubwren - Neosericornis citreogularis

( Eopsaltriidae )
Gray-headed Robin - Heteromyias cinereifrons

( Orthonychidae )
Chowchilla - Orthonyx spaldingii




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