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Daintree Village, Australia (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Daintree Village, Australia

Map of Daintree Village, Australia

Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog (Litoria allax) Pacific Emerald Dove (Chalcophaps longirostris) Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) Spangled Drongo (Dicrurus bracteatus) Sahul Sunbird (Cinnyris frenatus) - Female Australasian Figbird (Sphecotheres vieilloti)

A small town surrounded by a bunch of cow pastures.


Eastern Australia

11/8/2012: We arrived later in the afternoon to the Daintree Village for a three night stay. We were expecting rainforest, but the area is mostly cow pastures with a few patches of remnant rainforest. Anyway, there is a nearby waterfall, and for $10, you can walk on the road to visit it.

After walking to the waterfall (which has a great swimming hole) we were shocked to find that the store had closed thus depriving us any chance to buy beer. We were forced to travel to a nearby "eco" lodge (the "eco" stands for "expensive and sterile").

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