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Havana Bus Terminal, Cuba (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Havana Bus Terminal, Cuba

Map of Havana Bus Terminal, Cuba

Tarantula Wasp (Pepsis marginata)

Bus Terminal



1/29/2024: In "Support of the Cuban people", we had another breakfast at our casa particular. Then, we arranged seats in a collectivo to visit a place called Playa Larga near the Zapata peninsula. The collectivo was much better this time with a minibus, and I was even lucky enough to get the front seat! That didn't last too long however, as we were dumped off at a taxi stand next to the bus station in Havana to change cars for the rest of the ride.

Most of the people from our minibus were put into other taxis right away, including some really rude guy from an unnamed european country. We waited for nearly an hour for some other people to show up to fill our taxi. I got set up to photo all the butterflies in the weeds next to the taxi stand, but they all disappeared once I got the camera out.
Finally, a couple of friendly Belgians showed up, and we were again on our way.

Funny thing, we saw the rude guy's taxi broken down on the side of the road on the way to Playa Larga. He's probably still there.

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