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Parque Nacional Cienaga de Zapata - Rio Turbo, Cuba (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Parque Nacional Cienaga de Zapata - Rio Turbo, Cuba

Map of Parque Nacional Cienaga de Zapata - Rio Turbo, Cuba

Driving in Zapata Swamp
Zapata Wren (Ferminia cerverai) Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas) Cuban Nightjar (Antrostomus cubanensis) Zapata Sparrow (Torreornis inexpectata)




1/30/2024: In "Support of the Cuban people", we left the hotel at 5:30 AM to drive around in a swamp in a 1952 Chevy with a bird guide. It was pretty weird driving in the dark on some dirt road that was barely large enough to hold the car, including above the car.

Previous Visit (Havana Bus Terminal: 1/29/2024)
Next Visit (Playa Larga: 1/30/2024)

Species Recorded (18)

Birds ( 18 )

Hawks, Eagles, and Kites ( Accipitridae )
Gundlach's Hawk - Accipiter gundlachi

Herons ( Ardeidae )
Black-crowned Night-Heron - Nycticorax nycticorax

New World Vultures ( Cathartidae )
Turkey Vulture - Cathartes aura

Cuckoos ( Cuculidae )
Smooth-billed Ani - Crotophaga ani

Nighthawks and Nightjars ( Caprimulgidae )
Cuban Nightjar - Antrostomus cubanensis

Hummingbirds ( Trochilidae )
Cuban Emerald - Riccordia ricordii

Tyrant Flycatchers ( Tyrannidae )
Cuban Pewee - Contopus caribaeus
La Sagra's Flycatcher - Myiarchus sagrae

Treecreepers ( Certhiidae )
Zapata Wren - Ferminia cerverai

Thrushes and Allies ( Turdidae )
Red-legged Thrush - Turdus plumbeus

Wood-warblers ( Parulidae )
Common Yellowthroat - Geothlypis trichas
Northern Waterthrush - Parkesia noveboracensis
Prairie Warbler - Setophaga discolor
Yellow-throated Warbler - Setophaga dominica
American Redstart - Setophaga ruticilla

American Blackbirds and Orioles ( Icteridae )
Red-shouldered Blackbird - Agelaius assimilis

Cardueline Finches and Allies ( Fringillidae )
Yellow-headed Warbler - Teretistris fernandinae
Zapata Sparrow - Torreornis inexpectata


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