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Yosemite National Park, California - Northern (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Yosemite National Park, California - Northern

Map of Yosemite National Park, California - Northern

Barbara Hitchhikes Toulumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park Toulumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park no_caption Toulumne River no_caption
Waterfall, Toulumne River, Yosemite National Park Raging River, Yosemite National Park no_caption no_caption Sunset, Yosemite National Park Waterfall, Yosemite National Park
no_caption Tuolumne Valley, Yosemite National Park Backcountry, Yosemite National Park Tuolumne River, Yosemite National Park High Country, Yosemite National Park Waterfall, Yosemite National Park
no_caption Raging River, Yosemite National Park no_caption Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River no_caption Cascade, Yosemite National Park
Tuolumne Valley, Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park, California Waterwheel Falls, Yosemite National Park River and Trees, Yosemite National Park Creek Crossing, Yosemite National Park Stump, Yosemite National Park
Waterfalls, Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park Tuolumne Valley, Yosemite Near Muir Gorge, Yosemite National Park Another Waterfall no_caption
Viewpoint, Yosemite National Park Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, Yosemite National Park Harden Lake, Yosemite National Park
Sierran Treefrog (Pseudacris sierra) Yellow-bellied Marmot (Marmota flaviventris) Western White (Pontia occidentalis) Milberts Tortoiseshell (Aglais milberti) Clarks Nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana) Crambid Snout Moth (Gyros ssp)
Clarks Nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana) Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) American Pika (Ochotona princeps) MacGillivrays Warbler (Geothlypis tolmiei) - Male MacGillivrays Warbler (Geothlypis tolmiei) - Female Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides)
Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) Western Fence Lizard - Sceloporus occidentalis Mule Deer and Toulumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park Sooty Grouse (Dendragapus fuliginosus)

Yosemite National Park is one of the more popular parks in California. The habitat types found here include lower elevation oak grassland, riparian areas, evergreen forests, and alpine meadows. Many areas feature exposed granite, and there is some amazing rough country available with a little effort.

Species Recorded (68)

Birds ( 56 )

Swans, Geese, and Ducks ( Anatidae )
Mallard - Anas platyrhynchos
Canada Goose - Branta canadensis
Common Merganser - Mergus merganser

New World Vultures ( Cathartidae )
Turkey Vulture - Cathartes aura

Kites, Hawks, Eagles, and Allies ( Acciptridae )
Northern Goshawk - Accipiter gentilis
Red-tailed Hawk - Buteo jamaicensis
Bald Eagle - Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Grouse, Turkeys, and Allies ( Phasianidae )
Sooty Grouse - Dendragapus fuliginosus

New World Quail ( Odontophoridae )
Mountain Quail - Oreortyx pictus

Typical Owls ( Strigidae )
Great Gray Owl - Strix nebulosa

Swifts ( Apodidae )
Vaux's Swift - Chaetura vauxi

Piculets and Woodpeckers ( Picidae )
Northern Flicker - Colaptes auratus
White-headed Woodpecker - Dryobates albolarvatus
Hairy Woodpecker - Dryobates villosus
Pileated Woodpecker - Dryocopus pileatus
Acorn Woodpecker - Melanerpes formicivorus

Tyrant Flycatchers ( Tyrannidae )
Olive-sided Flycatcher - Contopus cooperi
Western Wood-Pewee - Contopus sordidulus
Dusky Flycatcher - Empidonax oberholseri
Black Phoebe - Sayornis nigricans

Swallows ( Hirundinidae )
Tree Swallow - Tachycineta bicolor

Jays and Crows ( Corvidae )
Common Raven - Corvus corax
Steller's Jay - Cyanocitta stelleri
Clark's Nutcracker - Nucifraga columbiana

Chickadees and Titmice ( Paridae )
Mountain Chickadee - Poecile gambeli

Nuthatches ( Sittidae )
Red-breasted Nuthatch - Sitta canadensis

Treecreepers ( Certhiidae )
Brown Creeper - Certhia americana

Thrushes and Allies ( Turdidae )
Hermit Thrush - Catharus guttatus
Townsend's Solitaire - Myadestes townsendi
Mountain Bluebird - Sialia currucoides
Western Bluebird - Sialia mexicana
American Robin - Turdus migratorius

Vireos ( Vireonidae )
Cassin's Vireo - Vireo cassinii
Warbling Vireo - Vireo gilvus
Plumbeous Vireo - Vireo plumbeus

Wood-warblers ( Parulidae )
Wilson's Warbler - Cardellina pusilla
MacGillivray's Warbler - Geothlypis tolmiei
Yellow-rumped Warbler - Setophaga coronata
Black-throated Gray Warbler - Setophaga nigrescens
Hermit Warbler - Setophaga occidentalis

Tanagers ( Thraupidae )
Western Tanager - Piranga ludoviciana

Grosbeaks and Buntings ( Cardinalidae )
Black-headed Grosbeak - Pheucticus melanocephalus

Brushfinches, Seedeaters, Sparrows, and Allies ( Emberizinae )
Dark-eyed Junco - Junco hyemalis
Lincoln's Sparrow - Melospiza lincolnii
Song Sparrow - Melospiza melodia
Fox Sparrow - Passerella iliaca
Green-tailed Towhee - Pipilo chlorurus
Chipping Sparrow - Spizella passerina
White-crowned Sparrow - Zonotrichia leucophrys

American Blackbirds and Orioles ( Icteridae )
Red-winged Blackbird - Agelaius phoeniceus
Brewer's Blackbird - Euphagus cyanocephalus
Bullock's Oriole - Icterus bullockii
Brown-headed Cowbird - Molothrus ater

Cardueline Finches and Allies ( Fringillidae )
Cassin's Finch - Haemorhous cassinii
Purple Finch - Haemorhous purpureus
Pine Siskin - Spinus pinus


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