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Dovekie (Alle alle)

Dovekie (Alle alle)

Dovekie (Alle alle)

Class: Aves
Family: Laridae
Common Name: Dovekie
Genus: Alle
Species Name: alle

About The Dovekie

Little auks float on the waves as chubby fishnet bobbers. They often spend days in the same place, such as a harbor. Yet it's not usually that easy to spot little auks. They often live far out at sea. The best chance of seeing one is after a major western November storm. The starling-sized birds are then blown towards the coast. After such a storm, they are even found on the mainland, in the strangest places: in a woods or in the middle of a city. On 23 October 2005, all records were broken when 3287 little auks were counted on Schiermonnikoog in just 9 hours.

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Dovekie (Alle alle)
One of them is living in the Least Auklet colony


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