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Monserrate, Colombia (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Monserrate, Colombia

Map of Monserrate, Colombia

Glowing Puffleg (Eriocnemis vestita) Black Flowerpiercer (Diglossa humeralis) Tyrian Metaltail (Metallura tyrianthina) - Female Scarlet-bellied Mountain-Tanager (Anisognathus igniventris)

Big hill with a church on top of it



2/5/2023: We kicked off our trip to Colombia with an early morning hike to the top of Monserrate. Despite the very steep hill, there were literally thousands of people climbing up the stairs to the top, and quite a few more waiting for the Funicular. There were lots of snacks for sale on the way up, and we ate every one of them. After the hike, we headed over to La Candelaria for some more food.

Next Visit (Parque La Florida: 2/6/2023)


South America


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