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Chiemsee, Germany (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Chiemsee, Germany

Map of Chiemsee, Germany

no_caption Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula) Male Red-crested Pochard (Netta rufina) Wood Nuthatch (Sitta europaea) Eurasian Blackbird (Turdus merula) Great Tit (Parus major) European
Blue Tit (Parus caeruleus) Crested Tit (Parus cristatus) Coal Tit (Parus ater)

Chiemsee is a large lake in an area of rolling hills. The lake is usually not frozen over, but it does happen on occassion. This is mostly agricultural area. with stands of second growth forest.


Around The World in 66 Days

2/26/2013: A few days spent visiting the Bavarian countryside.

3/1/2013: A short visit to see some friends and some snow.

Previous Visit (Mumbai: 2/25/2013)
Next Visit (John Heinz NWR at Tinicum (IBA): 3/4/2013)

Species Recorded (38)

Birds ( 36 )

Grebes ( Podicipedidae )
Great Crested Grebe - Podiceps cristatus

Hawks, Eagles, and Kites ( Accipitridae )
Eurasian Sparrowhawk - Accipiter nisus

Swans, Geese, and Ducks ( Anatidae )
Mallard - Anas platyrhynchos
Graylag Goose - Anser anser
Common Pochard - Aythya ferina
Tufted Duck - Aythya fuligula
Red-crested Pochard - Netta rufina

Kites, Hawks, Eagles, and Allies ( Acciptridae )
Common Buzzard - Buteo buteo

Falcons and Allies ( Falconidae )
Eurasian Kestrel - Falco tinnunculus

Rails, Gallinules, and Allies ( Rallidae )
Eurasian Coot - Fulica atra

Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers ( Laridae )
Black-headed Gull - Chroicocephalus ridibundus
Lesser Black-backed Gull - Larus fuscus

Pigeons and Doves ( Columbidae )
Common Wood-Pigeon - Columba palumbus

Typical Owls ( Strigidae )
Eurasian Eagle-Owl - Bubo bubo

Piculets and Woodpeckers ( Picidae )
Great Spotted Woodpecker - Dendrocopos major

Jays and Crows ( Corvidae )
Carrion Crow - Corvus corone
Eurasian Jay - Garrulus glandarius

Chickadees and Titmice ( Paridae )
Eurasian Blue Tit - Cyanistes caeruleus
Crested Tit - Lophophanes cristatus
Great Tit - Parus major
Coal Tit - Periparus ater
Willow Tit - Poecile montanus

Nuthatches ( Sittidae )
Eurasian Nuthatch - Sitta europaea

Treecreepers ( Certhiidae )
Eurasian Treecreeper - Certhia familiaris

Old World Warblers and Gnatcatchers ( Sylviidae )
Greater Whitethroat - Curruca communis

Kinglets ( Regulidae )
Goldcrest - Regulus regulus

Thrushes and Allies ( Turdidae )
European Robin - Erithacus rubecula
Eurasian Blackbird - Turdus merula

Wagtails and Pipits ( Motacillidae )
White Wagtail - Motacilla alba

Starlings and Mynas ( Sturnidae )
European Starling - Sturnus vulgaris

Cardueline Finches and Allies ( Fringillidae )
European Greenfinch - Chloris chloris
Hawfinch - Coccothraustes coccothraustes
Common Chaffinch - Fringilla coelebs
Eurasian Siskin - Spinus spinus

Old World Sparrows ( Passeridae )
House Sparrow - Passer domesticus
Eurasian Tree Sparrow - Passer montanus




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