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Denali National Park, Alaska (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Denali National Park, Alaska

Map of Denali National Park, Alaska

Lupine Denali - Our Campsite Denali - High Country
Moose (Alces alces) Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) Hoary Marmot (Marmota caligata) Dalls sheep (Ovis dalli) Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) - Marking Territory

This popular national park in Central Alaska ranges from boreal forest to Alpine Tundra.


Alaska 2010

6/5/2010: Alex and I arrived in the rental car (which amazingly, was cheaper than taking the bus) and camped out in the rain near the park entrance.

After hours jumping though hoops, we managed to get backcountry camping permits. After a long and nauseating bus ride with brief stops to look at bears and sheep in the road, we reached our drop-off point. Our backpacking expedition was shortened due to an injury, but in all honesty, Denali is not all that anyway. There is good scenery, but the watching the famed wildlife is difficult due to the vast area, mining operations inside the park, intrusive helicopter ferrying, red tape, and inflexible usage rules.

Previous Visit (Saint George Island: 5/29/2010)
Next Visit (Talkeetna: 6/8/2010)

Species Recorded (17)

Birds ( 11 )

Hawks, Eagles, and Kites ( Accipitridae )
Northern Harrier - Circus hudsonius

Kites, Hawks, Eagles, and Allies ( Acciptridae )
Golden Eagle - Aquila chrysaetos

Grouse, Turkeys, and Allies ( Phasianidae )
Willow Ptarmigan - Lagopus lagopus

Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers ( Laridae )
Short-billed Gull - Larus brachyrhynchus

Jays and Crows ( Corvidae )
Canada Jay - Perisoreus canadensis

Chickadees and Titmice ( Paridae )
Boreal Chickadee - Poecile hudsonicus

Wood-warblers ( Parulidae )
Wilson's Warbler - Cardellina pusilla

Brushfinches, Seedeaters, Sparrows, and Allies ( Emberizinae )
Savannah Sparrow - Passerculus sandwichensis
Fox Sparrow - Passerella iliaca
American Tree Sparrow - Spizelloides arborea
White-crowned Sparrow - Zonotrichia leucophrys


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