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Fenghuang, China (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Fenghuang, China

Map of Fenghuang, China

Fenghuang Fruit Cart Fenghuang - Hong Qiao Bridge Fenghuang - Street Scene Fenghuang - Hong Qiao Bridge Fenghuang - Hong Qiao Bridge Fenghuang - River Scene

Fenghuang is your basic ancient city surrounded by loads of new construction and filled with thousands of tourists.


China Solar Eclipse

7/18/2009: We caught three buses from the Wulingyuan area to get here, and we quickly found a room in a house to sleep in. It was a Saturday night, and the streets were filled with tourists. All the restaurant's buckets and cages were displaying their finest fish, eel, clams, snakes, frogs, newts, turtles, civets, hedgehogs, bamboo rats, pheasants, pigeons, flattened pig faces, road kill, and even a black-crowned night-heron.

We needed to get to Moganshan, near Hangzhou, to see the eclipse, and we ended up spending a few hours trying to sort out transportation. The trains were supposedly fully booked, and we ended up having to do a bus/flight combo. This ended up costing us the rest of our Yuan.

If you are coming to Fenghuang, please note that the cash machines here do not accept international cards, and there is nowhere to exchange cash. Our journey to the bus station (on foot, we had no cab fare) cost us our last few precious Yuan in order to buy a bottle of water for the five hour bus journey to Changsha.

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