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Reserva Monteverde, Costa Rica (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Reserva Monteverde, Costa Rica

Map of Reserva Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde Suspension Bridge
Collared Redstart (Myioborus torquatus) Black-faced Solitaire (Myadestes melanops) Black-and-yellow Silky-flycatcher (Phainoptila melanoxantha) Stripe-tailed Hummingbird (Eupherusa eximia) - Male Slate-throated Redstart (Myioborus miniatus) Yellowish Flycatcher (Empidonax flavescens)
Black Guan (Chamaepetes unicolor) Costa Rican Warbler (Basileuterus melanotis) Purple-throated Mountain-gem (Lampornis calolaemus)

A private cloud forest reserve with many trails and a famous canopy suspension bridge.


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2/21/2009: Our first morning in Santa Elena, we hoped to get an early start in Reserva Monteverde. The first bus passing by, however, did not stop for us. I was getting the distinct impression that people around here do not like tourists. Anyway, we got into the next bus which went directly to the park. Our trips into the cloud forests tended to coincide with poor weather, and Monteverde was no exception. We walked pretty much every trail in the park, half of the time in wind and rain.

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