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El Calafate - Bird Sanctuary, Argentina (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of El Calafate - Bird Sanctuary, Argentina

Map of El Calafate - Bird Sanctuary, Argentina

Cinereous Harrier, El Calafate

El Calafate is the Patagonian gateway to the Alps and is near the astounding Perito Moreno glacier. There is a wildfowl and feral dog sanctuary at the north end of town.



2/4/2005: This was a couple of days stay in the town of El Calafate and includes sightings in and near the town (on the drive to Perito Moreno Glacier)

Previous Visit (Ushuaia - Beagle Channel: 2/2/2005)
Next Visit (El Calafate - Perito Moreno Glacier: 2/4/2005)

Species Recorded (12)

Birds ( 12 )

Rheas ( Rheidae )
Lesser Rhea - Rhea pennata

Hawks, Eagles, and Kites ( Accipitridae )
Cinereous Harrier - Circus cinereus

Flamingos ( Phoenicopteridae )
Chilean Flamingo - Phoenicopterus chilensis

Swans, Geese, and Ducks ( Anatidae )
Yellow-billed Pintail - Anas georgica
Upland Goose - Chloephaga picta
Ashy-headed Goose - Chloephaga poliocephala
Red Shoveler - Spatula platalea

Rails, Gallinules, and Allies ( Rallidae )
White-winged Coot - Fulica leucoptera

Plovers ( Charadriidae )
Southern Lapwing - Vanellus chilensis

Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers ( Laridae )
Brown-hooded Gull - Chroicocephalus maculipennis

Swallows ( Hirundinidae )
Blue-and-white Swallow - Pygochelidon cyanoleuca
Chilean Swallow - Tachycineta leucopyga


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