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San Jose del Cabo - Airport Wash, Baja California (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of San Jose del Cabo - Airport Wash, Baja California

Map of San Jose del Cabo - Airport Wash, Baja California

American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) Male with Dinner Ladder-backed Woodpecker (Picoides scalaris) Female Ladder-backed Woodpecker (Picoides scalaris) Male Grey Thrasher (Toxostoma cinereum) Gilded Flicker (Colaptes chrysoides)

This spot next to the airport is the beginnings of the semi-arid thorn forest that covers much of this latitude in Western Mexico. The ground here is very sandy with 10 foot tall trees and cacti. Be careful on the road, there might be trucks coming through here.


Mexico, Baja California Sur

2/24/2008: Afternoon visit.

Previous Visit (Cabo Pulmo: 2/24/2008)
Next Visit (San Jose del Cabo - Estuary: 2/25/2008)

Species Recorded (5)

Birds ( 5 )

Falcons and Allies ( Falconidae )
American Kestrel - Falco sparverius

Piculets and Woodpeckers ( Picidae )
Gilded Flicker - Colaptes chrysoides
Ladder-backed Woodpecker - Dryobates scalaris

Mockingbirds, Thrashers, and Allies ( Mimidae )
Gray Thrasher - Toxostoma cinereum

Brushfinches, Seedeaters, Sparrows, and Allies ( Emberizinae )
White-crowned Sparrow - Zonotrichia leucophrys


North America


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