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Camaguey, Cuba (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Camaguey, Cuba

Map of Camaguey, Cuba

Camaguey Copacabana

Old City



2/4/2024: In "Support for the Cuban people", we stayed in a casa particular in the central area. We walked around for a bit, and we ate lunch in a local restaurant. Then, we walked over to the baseball stadium which was closed for the season. The security guard let us in to have a look around, however, and it was a very interesting and old stadium. We were even allowed to go into the dugout. Later, we ate the only good pizza in Cuba at a restaurant in the center. On the way back to our casa particular, we got caught in a rainstorm, so we popped into a bar to ride out the storm. Barbara discovered that singers in romantic music videos do not wear sunglasses, but in the macho videos they always do, even at night.

2/5/2024: We spent the afternoon in "Support of the Cuban people" by eating in a local restaurant. Barbara went to get her haircut, and then we walked around. We had seen everything, so we took a ride in a motorized rickshaw to a lake on the outskirts of town. However, when we got to the lake, it turns out it was closed, and we could not get a ticket. We walked for an hour or so to get back to the center. We went back to the place from the night before with the good pizza, and we ended up with some wicked food poisoning which kept us both up much of the night.

Previous Visit (Moron to Camaguey Road: 2/4/2024)
Next Visit (Sierra del Chorillo: 2/5/2024)

Species Recorded (2)

Birds ( 2 )

Barn Owl and Grass-owls ( Tytonidae )
Barn Owl - Tyto alba

Swallows ( Hirundinidae )
Cuban Martin - Progne cryptoleuca


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