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Lesser Spotted Eagle (Clanga pomarina)

Lesser Spotted Eagle (Clanga pomarina)

Lesser Spotted Eagle (Clanga pomarina)

Lesser Spotted Eagle (Clanga pomarina) Lesser Spotted Eagle (Clanga pomarina)

Class: Aves
Family: Acciptridae
Common Name: Lesser Spotted Eagle
Genus: Clanga
Species Name: pomarina

About The Lesser Spotted Eagle

Lesser spotted eagles are found across the Palearctic and Ethiopian regions. During the breeding season, lesser spotted eagles (Aquila pomarina) inhabit areas of western Europe. Their primary breeding areas are in northern Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, and Slovakia. In winter (typically during the month of September), lesser spotted eagles migrate to the warmer climates of South Africa and Mozambique. The specific location of their winter habitat is dependent on the location of their breeding grounds.

Greater spotted eagles and lesser spotted eagles show very similar migration patterns during both the breeding and wintering seasons. This may contribute to the commonly noted hybridizations between these two species.

Biogeographic Regions: palearctic (Native ); ethiopian (Native ); mediterranean sea (Native )

Rights Holder: The Regents of the University of Michigan and its licensors
Bibliographic Citation: Jackson, J. and M. Mengestab 2011. "Aquila pomarina" (On-line), Animal Diversity Web. Accessed April 27, 2013 at Citation Link

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