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Camp Meeker, California - Northern (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Camp Meeker, California - Northern

Map of Camp Meeker, California - Northern

Fiery Skipper (Hylephila phyleus) Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) Spider (Spider ssp) Midge (Chironomidae sp) Carpet Moth () Diamondback Moth (Plutella xylostella)
Mottled Pyrausta Moth (Pyrausta subsequalis) Mournful Duskywing (Erynnis tristis) Psocodea () California Sister ( Adelpha californica) Unidentified Moth (Hemaris sp) Spider (Spider ssp)
Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa ssp) Rocky Mountain Clearwing (Hemaris thetis) Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) Two-tailed Swallowtail (Papilio multicaudata) Marbled Cellar Spider (Holocnemus pluchei)

Second growth redwood.

Species Recorded (43)

Birds ( 25 )

New World Vultures ( Cathartidae )
Turkey Vulture - Cathartes aura

Kites, Hawks, Eagles, and Allies ( Acciptridae )
Red-tailed Hawk - Buteo jamaicensis
Red-shouldered Hawk - Buteo lineatus
Broad-winged Hawk - Buteo platypterus
Osprey - Pandion haliaetus

Typical Owls ( Strigidae )
Northern Pygmy-Owl - Glaucidium gnoma
Western Screech-Owl - Megascops kennicottii

Hummingbirds ( Trochilidae )
Anna's Hummingbird - Calypte anna

Piculets and Woodpeckers ( Picidae )
Northern Flicker - Colaptes auratus
Pileated Woodpecker - Dryocopus pileatus
Acorn Woodpecker - Melanerpes formicivorus

Tyrant Flycatchers ( Tyrannidae )
Pacific-slope Flycatcher - Empidonax difficilis

Swallows ( Hirundinidae )
Violet-green Swallow - Tachycineta thalassina

Jays and Crows ( Corvidae )
Common Raven - Corvus corax
Steller's Jay - Cyanocitta stelleri

Chickadees and Titmice ( Paridae )
Chestnut-backed Chickadee - Poecile rufescens

Bushtits ( Aegithalidae )
Bushtit - Psaltriparus minimus

Nuthatches ( Sittidae )
Pygmy Nuthatch - Sitta pygmaea

Thrushes and Allies ( Turdidae )
Swainson's Thrush - Catharus ustulatus
American Robin - Turdus migratorius

Tanagers ( Thraupidae )
Western Tanager - Piranga ludoviciana

Grosbeaks and Buntings ( Cardinalidae )
Black-headed Grosbeak - Pheucticus melanocephalus

Brushfinches, Seedeaters, Sparrows, and Allies ( Emberizinae )
Dark-eyed Junco - Junco hyemalis
California Towhee - Melozone crissalis
Spotted Towhee - Pipilo maculatus


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