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Central Island National Park, Kenya (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Central Island National Park, Kenya

Map of Central Island National Park, Kenya

Central Island National Park Crocodile Lake - Central Island National Park Flamingo Lake - Central Island National Park
Yellow-billed Stork (Mycteria ibis) - In Flight Fan-tailed Raven (Corvus rhipidurus) Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) - With Young Brown-tailed Chat (Cercomela scotocerca) Crested Lark (Galerida cristata) Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) - Flying

Volcanic island in Lake Turkana


Kenya Solar Eclipse

11/2/2013: En route to the eclipse site, we made a detour to Central Island National Park. The trip across the lake was a bit rough, and all of our stuff got soaked by waves washing over the front of the boat.

The island in the middle of the lake had three lakes of its own. The lakes were the result of some previous volcanic activity, and one of the lakes was chock full of flamingos. Another lake was called "Crocodile Lake", but we only saw one crocodile there. There was a third "Tilapia Lake" which we did not see.

Previous Visit (Kalokol: 11/1/2013)
Next Visit (Sibiloi National Park: 11/3/2013)

Species Recorded (22)

Birds ( 21 )

Hawks, Eagles, and Kites ( Accipitridae )
Pallid Harrier - Circus macrourus

Cormorants ( Phalacrocoracidae )
Great Cormorant - Phalacrocorax carbo

Herons ( Ardeidae )
Gray Heron - Ardea cinerea
Purple Heron - Ardea purpurea

Ibises and Spoonbills ( Threskiornithidae )
African Spoonbill - Platalea alba
Sacred Ibis - Threskiornis aethiopicus

Storks ( Ciconiidae )
Yellow-billed Stork - Mycteria ibis

Flamingos ( Phoenicopteridae )
Lesser Flamingo - Phoeniconaias minor

Swans, Geese, and Ducks ( Anatidae )
Egyptian Goose - Alopochen aegyptiaca

Plovers ( Charadriidae )
Spur-winged Lapwing - Vanellus spinosus

Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers ( Laridae )
Whiskered Tern - Chlidonias hybrida
White-winged Tern - Chlidonias leucopterus
Caspian Tern - Hydroprogne caspia
Lesser Black-backed Gull - Larus fuscus

Swifts ( Apodidae )
Little Swift - Apus affinis

Sunbirds ( Nectariniidae )
Variable Sunbird - Cinnyris venustus

Larks ( Alaudidae )
Crested Lark - Galerida cristata

Swallows ( Hirundinidae )
Barn Swallow - Hirundo rustica

Jays and Crows ( Corvidae )
Fan-tailed Raven - Corvus rhipidurus

Thrushes and Allies ( Turdidae )
Isabelline Wheatear - Oenanthe isabellina
Brown-tailed Chat - Oenanthe scotocerca




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