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Scott Hello World! PlanetScott is now available to guide small groups (maximum 3 or 4 people in Toyota Corolla or bring your own vehicle) on nature and birding outings in San Francisco and beyond. San Francisco has a dynamic natural history, and the rugged terrain amidst the bay and ocean hosts some of the world's best natural spectacles.

I have lived in San Francisco for over thirty years, and I have explored the natural areas in San Francisco, the Bay Area and Northern California extensively as well as exploration of over fifty countries. If you are looking for a specific species of bird or a specific environment, I know where to go to best find it. Or, if you are more interested in marine mammals, several places along the coast offer viewing opportunities. It is also possible to arrange full-day boat tours for trips out to the Farralon Islands or continental shelf.

What I offer

  • A Few Hours To Kill at the Airport Tour - I will pick you up at the airport and take you to the salt marshes in the area!
  • Customized Half and Full Day San Francisco Tours - There are a few parks around town that offer good photo opportunities. Walking, biking, and driving tour available
  • Customized Full Day Peninsula Tour
  • Customized Full Day Marin Tour
  • Customized Full Day East Bay Tour
  • Customized Multi-Day Tours
  • Customized Itineraries

Contact Me if you want to arrange a trip.

This site represents my observations in travels around the world. All photos and text are created and copyrighted by Scott Bowers unless otherwise noted.

The bird list is based upon the clements checklist of 2023. Modifications have been made when appropriate, but my list should not be considered an official list.

The family sort order of the birds is based upon standard recognized sort order, except for the fact that I have sorted classes based upon my interest. Sort orders are under construction.

Most of the lists on the site before 2012 are not complete lists as I often do not duplicate sightings for the same trip/region. If you want to get a general idea of an area, the trip reports would probably be most helpful.

Use of images is allowed, but no modifications may be made to the image. That means that YOU MAY NOT REMOVE the PlanetScott.com logo from the images.

Contact Me if you want to license an image without the watermark or if you need coding or database work done for your site.


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