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Stir Fried Cricket Curry Over Rice

Curry Powder
Vegetable Oil
1 Can Coconut Milk
One Clove of Garlic
One Half Onion
Chili Peppers
Various seasonal vegetables
3 Dozen Crickets
Cook Rice in a seperate pot.
Heat oil in a skillet or wok. Add onions and peppers; heat and stir until onions are brown. Next, add the garlic. Heat it, but be careful not to burn the garlic. Next add the vegetables and crickets and stir rapidly. It may be necessary to put in long-cooking vegetables such as carrots and potatoes earlier to insure they are cooked properly. When all of the vegetables and crickets are finished cooking, add the coconut milk and the curry. Stir until everything is well mixed. Serve over rice. Makes about 4 servings.

Deep Fried Bug

Heat up the grease. When it sizzles, put in some bugs. Cook until crisp. Lay them out on a paper towel to drain. Eat with your favorite condiment.

Grasshoppers Delight

1/2 cup deep-fried grasshoppers
1 cup snack mix
1 cup white chocolate
Melt the white chocolate according to instructions on the package. After it is melted, stir in bugs and snack mixput in some bugs. Put the mixture on a wax paper. Then let it sit until solid (or put in the freezer for a quicker treat) Serves 5

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