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Bug Day, 2009

By Scott Bowers

The Bay Area Bug Eating Society was invited again this year to work a table at the Randall Museum's Bug Day. This event is geared toward educating children about insects. The museum kindly supplied crickets, meal worms, condiments, photos, and a electric fryer. I provided the stories and information.

I arrived to the museum to find a few very eager young bug eaters. But, the electric socket was not functioning, and this caused a delay in serving the delicious insects. When we finally worked out the technical difficulties, B.A.B.E.S. served a steady parade of youngsters and their parents. The bug snacks were pure fried bugs, and some of the children came back to grab handfuls. Often, their mothers would have to pull them away from the table with the timeless scolding "Leave some for everyone else!" One kid even claimed that the fried meal worms were "better than pizza!"

The adults were more squeamish about eating the insects as is usually the case. It is hard for adults to try new things, I guess. We did have a visitor named Roseanna who was raising insects in her apartment

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Roseanna's Blog and photos

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