Well, I like trees, and it really annoys me to get catalogs and Publisher's Clearing House the mail. It is EASY To DO YOUR PART TO HELP THE ENVIRONMENT!!! Let's make mass junk mailings unprofitable.
Just follow these five easy steps:

  1. Open the junk mail.
  2. Find envelope that says "NO POSTAGE REQUIRED IF MAILED WITHIN THE U.S.A."
  3. Stuff the entire contents of the junk mailing into this envelope.
  4. If you are so inclined, add some dead weight. (To make the postage more expensive)
  5. Place the envelope into the nearest mailbox for delivery.

That's all. Hopefully, the company will get the hint and remove you from their mailing list, but at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have to pay the cost of postage and the salary of their employee to throw this mail away. It might not seem like much, but little things can add up to big bucks for large companies. Of course, a better way to get your name off the list is to send a request to:
> >

 Direct Marketing Association
 Mail Preference Service
 PO Box 9008
 Farmingdale NY 11735