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Cut-throat (Amadina fasciata)

Cut-throat (Amadina fasciata)

Cut-throat (Amadina fasciata)

Class: Aves
Family: Passeridae
Common Name: Cut-throat
Genus: Amadina
Species Name: fasciata

About The Cut-throat

 The Cut-throat finch (Amadina fasciata), also known as the Ribbon finch is a common species of Estrildid finch endemic to Africa. 

Cut throat finches have a pale brown base plumage with specks of black, more abundant over the head spreading to the wings, back , flanks, and belly. Their chin and cheeks are white. Males have a brown patched belly with white scale-like patterns. Males also have a red ribbon-like marking on its throat which also looks like it's been cut, hence the name. Both sexes have pinkish flesh legs.

Cut-throat finches are found throughout Africa and was also introduced in Portugal.

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