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Gray Kestrel (Falco ardosiaceus)

Gray Kestrel (Falco ardosiaceus)

Grey Kestrel (Falco ardosiaceus)

Class: Aves
Family: Falconidae
Common Name: Gray Kestrel
Genus: Falco
Species Name: ardosiaceus

About The Gray Kestrel

The diet of the grey kestrel consists of insects, such as grasshoppers, flying termites and ants, as well as small reptiles, rodents, birds, bats and even earthworms. It may also eat oil palm fruits, one of only three raptor species known to do so. Hunting is usually undertaken from a high, open perch, with the kestrel taking prey from the ground or from low foliage, though it may also chase birds and insects in flight (2) (4) (5). Nesting usually occurs between January and April in West Africa, and between August and October in Kenya, Tanzania and Angola (2), the breeding pair often taking over Hamerkop (Scopus umbretta) nests, even evicting the residents, or using tree cavities or old stick nests (2) (4) (5). Two to five eggs are laid, hatching after an incubation period of between 26 and 31 days. Fledging occurs after approximately 30 days (2) (4).

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