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Madagascar Harrier (Circus macrosceles)

Madagascar Harrier (Circus macrosceles)

Madagascar Harrier (Circus macrosceles) - Male

Madagascar Harrier (Circus macrosceles) - Male Madagascar Harrier (Circus macrosceles) - Female

Class: Aves
Family: Accipitridae
Common Name: Madagascar Harrier
Genus: Circus
Species Name: macrosceles

About The Madagascar Harrier

The Réunion harrier feeds mainly on small vertebrates such as frogs, reptiles, rats, birds, shrews and insects. It hunts by flying low over vegetation and dropping onto its prey below. With impressive dexterity, the Réunion harrier is known to pass prey to mates and young whilst in flight (6). Réunion harriers are polygynous (6), meaning that males have more than one female partner. Male Réunion harriers start to perform twisting aerial display flights between August and September, accompanied with calls, in order to attract a mate (4). Females usually lay two to three eggs in a nest of grass and weed stems on the ground or in low vegetation between December and May. The eggs are incubated for 33 to 36 days and the young fledge after 45 to 50 days (5), remaining with the parents up until October (4).

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