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African Finfoot (Podica senegalensis)

African Finfoot (Podica senegalensis)

African Finfoot (Podica senegalensis) - Female

African Finfoot (Podica senegalensis) - Female African Finfoot (Podica senegalensis) - Male

Class: Aves
Family: Heliornithidae
Common Name: African Finfoot
Genus: Podica
Species Name: senegalensis

About The African Finfoot

Length: male 51-65 cm; female 45-56 cm. Plumage: male with crown and neck greyish black to black with a green to blue iridescent wash; back dark brown with green gloss and spotted white; cheeks, throat and foreneck slaty blue; narrow white stripe from behind eye down sides of neck; belly white. Female browner without iridescence and with wider white stripe and white or buffy white foreneck. Immature like female but browner with few white spots and buff foreneck. Bare parts: iris reddish brown to brown; bill coral red with darker culmen, female duller with dark tit and culmen; feet and legs orange to orange-red, brown at back. Habitat: creeks and mangroves, wooded inland waters.<389><391><393>

Rights Holder: WoRMS for SMEBD
Bibliographic Citation: Urban, E.K., C.H. Fry & S. Keith (1986). The Birds of Africa, Volume II. Academic Press, London.

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