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Plain Pigeon (Patagioenas inornata)

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Class: Aves
Family: Columbidae
Common Name: Plain Pigeon
Genus: Patagioenas
Species Name: inornata

About The Plain Pigeon

Just as the habitat preferences of this pigeon differ between the islands, its breeding season seems to also vary. In Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, breeding occurs between April and July, whilst in Puerto Rico breeding appears to occur all year round. The Puerto Rican population also differs by normally laying a single egg, compared to an average of two eggs on the other islands. It builds fragile stick nests in trees, (including mangroves, pines and hardwoods), or on epiphytic plants, where the eggs are incubated for 13 – 15 days. Fledging occurs after 21 - 23 days (2). The plain pigeon has a varied diet, consisting of fruits, berries, seeds, buds, leaves and flowers. It sometimes feeds on the ground, but spends the majority of its time feeding in the trees (2).

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