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Gray Francolin (Ortygornis pondicerianus)

Gray Francolin (Ortygornis pondicerianus)

Gray Francolin (Francolinus pondicerianus)

Gray Francolin (Francolinus pondicerianus) Grey Francolin (Francolinus pondicerianus)

Class: Aves
Family: Phasianidae
Common Name: Gray Francolin
Genus: Ortygornis
Species Name: pondicerianus

About The Gray Francolin

"The Grey Francolin (formerly called Grey Partridge) Francolinus pondicerianus is a common breeding resident game bird of India. It is a species of partridge found in the plains and drier parts of South Asia upto altitudes of 1000 m. Usually seen in open cultivated land and scrub forests, their local Hindi name is “Teetar” (can also be used to describe other partridges and quails) is based on their loud repeated Ka-tee-tar-tee-tar call which may be produced by more than one bird at a time. Since males attract challengers for a fight in the mating season, decoys are often used to trap these birds."

Rights Holder: India Biodiversity Portal

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