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Hopi Chipmunk (Tamias rufus)

Hopi Chipmunk (Tamias rufus)

Hopi Chipmunk (Tamias rufus)

Class: Mammalia
Family: Sciuridae
Common Name: Hopi Chipmunk
Genus: Tamias
Species Name: rufus

About The Hopi Chipmunk

Hopi chipmunks are naturally timid, and even individuals born in captivity never become tame. Like Panamint chipmunks, they live in southwestern pinyon-juniper forests and nest in rock crevices or piles of broken rock. They are fast and sure-footed on the sheer rock faces of canyons and buttes. They often climb into shrubs to get seeds, but never eat there: either they take the food to the safety of their den, or perch on a boulder or other lookout where they can eat but at the same time watch for hawks or other predators.

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