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Tiger (Panthera tigris)

Tiger (Panthera tigris)

 tiger (Panthera tigris)

tiger (Panthera tigris) tiger (Panthera tigris)

Common Name:Tiger
Species Name:tigris

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Bandhavgarh National Pak, India 1/12/2006 The driver saw the tiger, and positioned us where he thought it would come out of the woods. Minutes later, the tiger emerged from the underbrush and walked directly in front of the open topped truck while I took several photos. The forest was alive with alarm calls that followed the tiger as he walked. 
tiger (Panthera tigris) tiger (Panthera tigris)
Jim Corbett National Park - Dhikala, India 1/20/2006 A tiger was spotted from the Dhikala compound while Barbara and I and these two English people we met were on a morning safari. It was still only 150 meters away when we arrived, but it was hiding in cover. Eventually, it stopped moving and took a nap. I watched it for several hours during the day hoping to keep it in sight for the elephant safari later that afternoon. I finally gave up the watch to go to the shower at which point the tiger got up and left. On the elephant safari, however, we got a couple of good looks at the tiger as it ran away from the elephants. They say that the tigers are not usually afraid of the elephant, so not sure what to make of this. 
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, India 2/19/2013  


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