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Semuliki National Park, Uganda (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Semuliki National Park, Uganda

Map of Semuliki National Park, Uganda

African Dwarf Kingfisher (Ispidina lecontei) African Pied Hornbill (Lophoceros fasciatus) Boehms Bush Squirrel (Paraxerus boehmi) Jamesons Antpecker (Parmoptila jamesoni) Fire-crested Alethe (Alethe castanea) Xaviers Greenbul (Phyllastrephus xavieri)
Yellow-billed Barbet (Trachyphonus purpuratus) Crested Malimbe (Malimbus malimbicus) Piping Hornbill (Bycanistes fistulator) Red-tailed Ant-Thrush (Neocossyphus rufus) Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill (Lophoceros camurus) Western Black-headed Oriole (Oriolus brachyrynchus)
Black-headed Paradise-Flycatcher (Terpsiphone rufiventer) White-bellied Kingfisher (Corythornis leucogaster) White-crested Hornbill (Horizocerus albocristatus)

A forest park bordering the DRC for those who don't want to speak French.


Uganda and stops between

1/11/2017: We arrived late in the day. The fire season was just getting started making for a nice sunset, but the smoky air was not so nice.

1/12/2017: We headed over to the border of the Congo, again, for a hike into the forest.

Previous Visit (Bigodi Swamp: 1/11/2017)
Next Visit (Fort Portal: 1/12/2017)

Species Recorded (57)

Birds ( 54 )

Old World Vultures ( Accipitridae )
Palm-nut Vulture - Gypohierax angolensis

Kites, Hawks, Eagles, and Allies ( Acciptridae )
Black Kite - Milvus migrans

Sandpipers and Allies ( Scolopacidae )
Wood Sandpiper - Tringa glareola

Pigeons and Doves ( Columbidae )
Red-eyed Dove - Streptopelia semitorquata
African Green-Pigeon - Treron calvus
Tambourine Dove - Turtur tympanistria

Turacos ( Musophagidae )
Great Blue Turaco - Corythaeola cristata

Cuckoos ( Cuculidae )
Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo - Cercococcyx mechowi
Blue Malkoha - Ceuthmochares aereus
Yellow-throated Cuckoo - Chrysococcyx flavigularis

Sunbirds ( Nectariniidae )
Green-throated Sunbird - Chalcomitra rubescens
Blue-throated Brown Sunbird - Cyanomitra cyanolaema
Gray-headed Sunbird - Deleornis axillaris
Collared Sunbird - Hedydipna collaris

Kingfishers ( Alcedinidae )
Shining-blue Kingfisher - Alcedo quadribrachys
Malachite Kingfisher - Corythornis cristatus
White-bellied Kingfisher - Corythornis leucogaster
Woodland Kingfisher - Halcyon senegalensis
African Dwarf Kingfisher - Ispidina lecontei

Bee-eaters ( Meropidae )
White-throated Bee-eater - Merops albicollis

Hornbills ( Bucerotidae )
Piping Hornbill - Bycanistes fistulator
Black-and-white-casqued Hornbill - Bycanistes subcylindricus
Black-casqued Hornbill - Ceratogymna atrata
White-crested Hornbill - Horizocerus albocristatus
Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill - Lophoceros camurus
African Pied Hornbill - Lophoceros fasciatus

Barbets ( Lybiidae )
Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird - Pogoniulus bilineatus
Yellow-billed Barbet - Trachyphonus purpuratus
Hairy-breasted Barbet - Tricholaema hirsuta

Piculets and Woodpeckers ( Picidae )
Brown-eared Woodpecker - Campethera caroli
Golden-crowned Woodpecker - Chloropicus xantholophus

Paradise-flycatcher ( Monarchidae )
Black-headed Paradise-Flycatcher - Terpsiphone rufiventer

Bulbuls ( Pycnonotidae )
Red-tailed Greenbul - Criniger calurus
Little Greenbul - Eurillas virens
Xavier's Greenbul - Phyllastrephus xavieri
Sooty-headed Bulbul - Pycnonotus aurigaster
Common Bulbul - Pycnonotus barbatus

Prinias and Apalis ( Cisticolidae )
Green-backed Camaroptera - Camaroptera brachyura

Shrike-flycatchers ( Platysteiridae )
Chestnut Wattle-eye - Platysteira castanea

Jays and Crows ( Corvidae )
Chestnut-capped Flycatcher - Erythrocercus mccallii

Orioles ( Oriolidae )
Western Black-headed Oriole - Oriolus brachyrynchus

Old World Warblers and Gnatcatchers ( Sylviidae )
Green Crombec - Sylvietta virens

Wheatears ( Muscicapidae )
Ashy Flycatcher - Fraseria caerulescens

Thrushes and Allies ( Turdidae )
Fire-crested Alethe - Alethe castanea
Rufous Flycatcher-Thrush - Neocossyphus fraseri
Red-tailed Ant-Thrush - Neocossyphus rufus

Starlings and Mynas ( Sturnidae )
Greater Blue-eared Starling - Lamprotornis chalybaeus

Old World Sparrows ( Passeridae )
Crested Malimbe - Malimbus malimbicus
Chestnut-breasted Nigrita - Nigrita bicolor
White-breasted Nigrita - Nigrita fusconotus
Jameson's Antpecker - Parmoptila jamesoni
Village Weaver - Ploceus cucullatus
Vieillot's Weaver - Ploceus nigerrimus
Red-headed Bluebill - Spermophaga ruficapilla




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