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Swaziland, South Africa (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Swaziland, South Africa

Map of Swaziland, South Africa

Small kingdom


Africa: Eastern and Southern

2/15/2003: It was time to ditch the rental car and continue our trip back toward Dar Es Salaam. I dropped Barbara at a hotel in Mbabane, and I returned to Johannesburg carrying only my passport, my credit card, and a small amount of money. Everyone I talked to had supposedly been robbed in Johannesburg, and I was a bit nervous about the car rental return.

At the car return, I was warned not to go into J-burg due to the unsafe nature of the place, but I was not willing to wait overnight for the bus. I made my way to the center of the city in a minibus. The minute I stepped out of the minibus, it started pouring rain. This gave me the opportunity to put the hood of my raincoat up, and I ran down the street toward the minibus station. I only stopped for a second to buy a hard-boiled egg, and my running seemed normal based on the rain. I arrived unscathed at the minibus terminal, and I got the last seat on the last minibus heading to Swaziland arriving late at night.

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