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Tomahon, Indonesia (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Tomahon, Indonesia

Map of Tomahon, Indonesia

Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot (Loriculus stigmatus) Sooty-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus aurigaster) Sulawesi Babbler (Pellorneum celebense) Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot (Loriculus stigmatus) - Female Yellow-sided Flowerpecker (Dicaeum aureolimbatum) Scaly-breasted Kingfisher (Actenoides princeps) - Female
Gray-faced Buzzard (Butastur indicus) Asian Common Toad Toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) Common Sun Skink (Eutropis multifasciata) Barred Rail (Gallirallus torquatus) Sulawesi Myzomela (Myzomela chloroptera) Island Flycatcher (Eumyias panayensis)
Scaly-breasted Kingfisher (Actenoides princeps) - Male Citrine Canary-Flycatcher (Culicicapa helianthea) Sultans Cuckoo-Dove (Macropygia doreya) Warbling White-eye (Zosterops japanicus) Glossy Swiftlet (Collocalia esculenta) Black-faced Munia (Lonchura molucca)
Chestnut-backed Bush-Warbler (Locustella castanea)

City in the hills.



3/14/2016: Luckily, I jumped off the bus at just the right spot to get to the intended hotel. I mostly loafed around on the hotel grounds due to my aching back.

3/15/2016: Spent part of the day wandering around in the forest looking for the Scaly-breasted Kingfisher. There was a very unremarkable steaming crater on the top of the hill. From what I heard, the cool volcano was ready to blow, and thus was closed.

3/16/2016: Last day in Indonesia, so of course there is always "Scott's Crazy Airport Adventure". This time, I had spent almost all of my money. I figured that I had just enough cash on hand to get to the airport on public transit.

Everything started out well as Indonesia is well equipped with public transit. I got into one of the tiny vans (I am a lot taller than most Indonesians, so all the seats seemed very small)

Next was squeezing into the bus to Manado. That trip went pretty well. Oddly, I was unable to find a taxi at the bus station. A few people offered to take me by motorcycle, but due to safety concerns, I ended up in another tiny blue van wandering who knows where into the vast traffic nightmare of Manado. I had about an hour left to get to the airport, and it seemed like it was going to take years traveling there in the van.

So, I rode around in the van looking out the window for a place likely to have taxis. I finally settled on the Bank of Indonesia where the security was kind enough to call a taxi.

At the airport, I had just enough money left over to buy a t-shirt at the gift shop!

Previous Visit (Bunaken: 3/14/2016)
Next Visit (Kasai Rinkai Park: 3/17/2016)

Species Recorded (37)

Birds ( 35 )

Honeyeaters ( Meliphagidae )
Sulawesi Myzomela - Myzomela chloroptera

Herons ( Ardeidae )
Cattle Egret - Bubulcus ibis

Kites, Hawks, Eagles, and Allies ( Acciptridae )
Gray-faced Buzzard - Butastur indicus
Black Kite - Milvus migrans

Rails, Gallinules, and Allies ( Rallidae )
Isabelline Bush-hen - Amaurornis isabellina
Buff-banded Rail - Gallirallus philippensis
Barred Rail - Gallirallus torquatus

Pigeons and Doves ( Columbidae )
Sultan's Cuckoo-Dove - Macropygia doreya
Superb Fruit-Dove - Ptilinopus superbus

New World Parrots ( Psittacidae )
Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot - Loriculus stigmatus

Cuckoos ( Cuculidae )
Yellow-billed Malkoha - Rhamphococcyx calyorhynchus

( Dacelonidae )
Scaly-breasted Kingfisher - Actenoides princeps
Collared Kingfisher - Todiramphus chloris

Swifts ( Apodidae )
Sulawesi Swiftlet - Aerodramus sororum
Uniform Swiftlet - Aerodramus vanikorensis
Glossy Swiftlet - Collocalia esculenta

Sunbirds ( Nectariniidae )
Plain-throated Sunbird - Anthreptes malacensis
Yellow-sided Flowerpecker - Dicaeum aureolimbatum
Gray-sided Flowerpecker - Dicaeum celebicum

Drongos ( Dicruridae )
Hair-crested Drongo - Dicrurus hottentottus

Swallows ( Hirundinidae )
Pacific Swallow - Hirundo tahitica

Bulbuls ( Pycnonotidae )
Sooty-headed Bulbul - Pycnonotus aurigaster

White-eyes ( Zosteropidae )
Black-crowned White-eye - Zosterops atrifrons
Warbling White-eye - Zosterops japonicus

Jays and Crows ( Corvidae )
Slender-billed Crow - Corvus enca
Sulphur-bellied Whistler - Pachycephala sulfuriventer

Old World Warblers and Gnatcatchers ( Sylviidae )
Sulawesi Bush-Warbler - Locustella castanea
Sulawesi Babbler - Pellorneum celebense

Thrushes and Allies ( Turdidae )
Citrine Canary-Flycatcher - Culicicapa helianthea
Sulawesi Blue-Flycatcher - Cyornis omissus
Island Flycatcher - Eumyias panayensis

Wagtails and Pipits ( Motacillidae )
Gray Wagtail - Motacilla cinerea

Old World Sparrows ( Passeridae )
Black-faced Munia - Lonchura molucca
Scaly-breasted Munia - Lonchura punctulata
Eurasian Tree Sparrow - Passer montanus




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