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Juego de Bolas, Spain (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Juego de Bolas, Spain

Map of Juego de Bolas, Spain

Canary Islands Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus canariensis)

Forest and farms on volcanic soil.


Svalbard, Canary Islands, and Spain

3/26/2015: We drove up to the nearby visitor's center, and from there we walked on a road and a footpath to a restaurant hanging over some cliffs. We checked out a nearby reservoir on the way back to the car.

Previous Visit (Parque National Garonjay: 3/25/2015)
Next Visit (La Laguna: 3/26/2015)

Species Recorded (13)

Birds ( 13 )

Old World Tree Warblers ( Phylloscopidae )
Canary Islands Chiffchaff - Phylloscopus canariensis

Swans, Geese, and Ducks ( Anatidae )
Muscovy Duck - Cairina moschata

Kites, Hawks, Eagles, and Allies ( Acciptridae )
Common Buzzard - Buteo buteo

Grouse, Turkeys, and Allies ( Phasianidae )
Red Junglefowl - Gallus gallus

Rails, Gallinules, and Allies ( Rallidae )
Eurasian Coot - Fulica atra
Eurasian Moorhen - Gallinula chloropus

Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers ( Laridae )
Yellow-legged Gull - Larus michahellis

Pigeons and Doves ( Columbidae )
Laurel Pigeon - Columba junoniae
Rock Pigeon - Columba livia

Chickadees and Titmice ( Paridae )
African Blue Tit - Cyanistes teneriffae

Old World Warblers and Gnatcatchers ( Sylviidae )
Sardinian Warbler - Curruca melanocephala

Thrushes and Allies ( Turdidae )
Eurasian Blackbird - Turdus merula

Cardueline Finches and Allies ( Fringillidae )
Common Chaffinch - Fringilla coelebs




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