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Kainuk, Kenya (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Kainuk, Kenya

Map of Kainuk, Kenya

White Helmetshrike (Prionops plumatus)

Dusty city with a river.


Kenya Solar Eclipse

11/5/2013: We were now officially on the "bandit" road, so we were ready with bottles of water, cigarettes, and our "protection". The protection consisted of two guys with machine guns squeezed into the car. Not sure how they were going to use the guns from the front seat of the car, but anyway, it felt a lot like a shakedown at the police checkpoint.

The whole experience on the road was a bit annoying as we could not stop or get out of the car while in bandit territory, but of course we had to spend three hours in Kainuk trying to jury rig the suspension after the strut broke.

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