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Samfya, Zambia (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Samfya, Zambia

Map of Samfya, Zambia

Scott And Mantis, Samfya, Zambia Fish Seller, Lake Bangweulu, Zambia Lake Bangweulu Beach, Zambia

Samfya is a village on the sandy part of Lake Bangweulu.


Africa: Eastern and Southern

11/27/2002: We arrived here in search of the elusive Shoebill. The guesthouse was right on the lake with a nice beach, but we were warned about swimming there. We read in the newspaper that several people had recently been eaten by a crocodile.

Trying to get to a good marshy spot, we got a lift to the end of the road. We had some conversations about diamonds the size of your thumb coming from nearby Congo, life in America, and of course, crocodiles.

It seems that the crocodiles that cause the most problems are actually "Human Crocodiles." Instead of biting the arms or legs as a normal crocodile, the human crocodile "... bites you on the neck, drags you into the water, and sells your body parts to Israel." When I asked how this was possible, I was reassured that it "involves magic"

We never did make it anywhere near the swampy areas or shoebills.

The next day, we rode the bus to Lusaka.

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