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Kundalila, Zambia (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Kundalila, Zambia

Map of Kundalila, Zambia

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A small village and waterfall just off the main highway in Northeastern Zambia.


Africa: Eastern and Southern

11/26/2002: We stopped here for the night intending to visit the Kundalila waterfall. Our guesthouse arranged a bicycle taxi to see the waterfall.

We were asked what we wanted for dinner, and after the "All White" plate that I had the night before, I was excited to see a large menu at the guest house.

"I'll have the macaroni and cheese, please"

"I'm sorry, we are out of that"

"OK, then how about the spaghetti?"

"I'm sorry, we are out of spaghetti."

"That's OK. How about the stir-fried vegetables?"

"I'm sorry, we are out of that as well."

"What do you have?"

"Chicken and chips"

When we got back from the waterfalls, I was surprised to find my dinner was some wild mushroom and tomato dish... one of my best East African meals.

We found out that many Americans visit the guest house and the falls. Just six months ago, two women from Holland had been there.

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