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Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania

Map of Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania

Waterfall, Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania Udzungwa Guest House, Dinner Giant Millipede, Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania Ahls Squeaker (Arthroleptis affinis) Barbara and Termites, Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania Waterfall, Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania
Spider Kid Bus Company, Tanzania
Ahls Squeaker (Arthroleptis affinis)

These islands form a tropical forest island amid savanna and farms.


Africa: Eastern and Southern

11/18/2002: We rode the "Spider Kid" bus line from Mikumi to the Udzungwa National Park where we stayed in a small hotel/bar close to the entrance.

Barbara and I joined Hans and our Tanzanian guide for a grueling hike into the forest to see some waterfalls. The weather was especially hot and humid, and our guide would not even drink water in his observance of Ramadan.

After a climb of 1000 feet or so, we reached the waterfall and took a very refreshing swim.

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