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Colorado Bat Cave, Veracruz (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Colorado Bat Cave, Veracruz

Map of Colorado Bat Cave, Veracruz

Aplomado Falcon (Falco femoralis)

This is a somewhat difficult place to find, but at sunset, you can see a lot of bats here.


Mexico, Veracruz

10/11/2007: I arrived at the caves just as the sun was setting. Soon after, I witnessed an aplomado falcon taking a bat. A small group of folks arrived from Veracruz, and we stood at the entrance of an abandoned well while thousands of bats streamed around us. At one point another aplomado falcon swooped down to catch a bat about one foot in front of my face!

Previous Visit (Cardel: 10/11/2007)
Next Visit (Chavarillo: 10/12/2007)

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Aplomado Falcon - Falco femoralis


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