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Tukuyu, Tanzania (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Tukuyu, Tanzania

Map of Tukuyu, Tanzania

Transport, Tanzania Barbara and Guide, Tanzania Scott at the Magic Lake, Tanzania Barbara climbs on vines Barbara, Scott, Lucas, and Danke at Marasusa Waterfall Barbara crosses rickety bridge... with help
Natural Bridge, Tanzania

Agricultural land near Lake Nyara.


Africa: Eastern and Southern

11/23/2002: We spent a couple of days in this area first hiking to the "Magic Lake". It was quite hot and buggy hiking and required bushwhacking through the forest to visit the lake. We finally reached the lake which was inside a volcano caldera and appeared to swirl with colors. We would have liked to swim in the lake, but a strange man in Mbeya told us that we would die if we went there, and we weren't taking any chances.

On another adventure, we arrived in the town of Kasane in search of some waterfalls that were marked on our map. We met Lucas and his friend Danke who agreed to take us to the waterfalls and a natural bridge. They were great guides who told us interesting stories involving giant magical snakes and about the way of life in this area. Later, we bribed the prison warden to let us into the prison grounds to see the natural bridge. Amazingly, Lucas had never heard of a sandwich despite the fact that when we met him, he was trying to sell us bread. It seems that the people around this area eat little more than bananas. Look for them, the "Chipolepole Boys", if you are in the area... maybe they have set up a sandwich shop.

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