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Iringa - Isimila Stone Age Site, Tanzania (Center on Interactive Map)

Map of Iringa - Isimila Stone Age Site, Tanzania

Map of Iringa - Isimila Stone Age Site, Tanzania

Interesting Store, Tanzania Taxi Driver, Tanzania Ismilia Stone Age Site, Tanzania Ismilia Village, Tanzania

A quarry where rocks for stone age tools were mined.


Africa: Eastern and Southern

11/20/2002: After a lot of minbus riding through eternal dust, we arrived in Iringa. We picked a hotel away from the bus station thinking that it would be quieter, but we were kept up all night by the 100,000 mosquitoes in the room. So, we moved the next day to "The White House" which we picked over "The Ritz" and other familiar chains.

Barbara and I went by taxi twenty or so kilometers outside of town to the Isimila Store Age Site. This was a spot used to quarry rocks for stone tools hundreds of thousands of years ago. There was not much to see archeologically, but there are some cool rock formations. We walked around the site and then hitchhiked to Mbeya with a missionary.

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