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Here is a petition related to the exclusion of Marvin Benard from the Giant's Wall of Fame. Please sign the petition, and help us with our cause. NOTE: Petition Successful. Marvin was added to the Giant's Wall of Fame on August 27, 2011!

Put Marvin On the Wall!
I hereby note my displeasure that Marvin Benard has been left off the Giant's Wall of Fame. I hereby request that Marvin's name and likeness be added to said wall as soon as possible. According to the requirements, a player must have "played at least nine seasons in San Francisco". Indeed, Marvin played in 9 glorious seasons for the Giants. A travesty on this level cannot continue in a free society.

Scott Bowers
Sean Kelly
Jon Fast
Mike Joffe
Carey Young
DouG Molidor
Laine Fast
Raja Khouri
Dave Chambers
Jeff Scott
Rene Baltodano
Rene Baltodano
Sara Hunt
Sara Hunt
Martin Jones
Pedro Lopez
Juan Mendez
Antonio Garcia
Rafael Valdez
Michael Gibson
Roberto Fernandez
Gabriel Urbina
Walter Montes
Fred Loop
Fernando Gomez
Daniel del Rio
Mark Sachs
William Jones
Liam Mcknight
Pablo Carbajal
Miguel Sandoval
Bonifacio Cruz
Luis Lacayo
Tomas Munguia
Alberto Mercado
Bobby Lopez
Hal Joyce
Richard Scott
James Fastliner
John Killian
Marvin es la ley
Octavio Guzman
Gonzalo Sequeira
Miguel Urbina
Jose Fernandez
Alex Obando
Juan C. Pereira
Andrew Garfield

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